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By working with Joy, the separation internally between my own voice and my mother’s voice was brought to loving awareness.  Joy has an ability to get to the problem at a gut level and bring the dark out to the light… empowering me to be the light I am.  Thru learning how to deal with my anger and feel the power and positive energy latent in my anger I became able to move the energy of it and feel so much stronger and more grounded because of it.   What a release, what a freedom! I have used Joy’s techniques for anger to help me empower myself in other situations of daily life.  She also coached me on how to stand up for myself and negotiate with power.

Joy has truly changed my life, I would recommend her multi-dimensional coaching for anyone who truly wants to break thru their fears and release false beliefs….and also to experience joy and bliss, through the many opportunities she provides thru music and dance.

Kendra  Moshe

I am doing really well with the methods you’ve passed on to me. My attitude and mental mindset is healing really well. I’ve also been exercising, getting out in nature. As well as doing a lot of writings. Thank you for helping me so much. My physical conditions are improving. I’ve been eating healthy. My blood pressure is dropping fast. I’m just doing so much better. Thank you, thank you

Josh Jones (young adult)

Dear Joy,
Yes, I plan on continuing to work through the exercises in your book.  The inserts that you include are amazing.  I know I have a long way to go yet.  But I believe you have given me the tools to grieve and resolve anger issues that have been suppressed.  What your book has freed me to do has allowed me to feel, and know I’m safe in my feelings, which I never trusted before..  I am so grateful that you took the time to come to us, share your workshop and gave me your book.  I feel that I finally have a chance to truly become healthy and free!   I am just so enthusiastic about the possibilities for me that were not there before!    Gratitude just doesn’t seem big enough to say to you.  I wish you so much success with all the lost souls out there needing your direction.  I will never forget you.

With a new brighter future, gratefully,

Gwen Peck

Okay Joy !   You did it Girl.  I have been processing the events that came forth for me in your workshop and WOW-O !   I know you are aware of how powerful your work is.  But when that is combined with trusting and following through on an ongoing basis, now lives really change.  Mine did.  I am not oblivious as to why.  Thank you for your incredible work, THANK YOU JOY.

I love you and hope to see you again,


“Dr. Joy Freeman is a bolt of lightening and one of the most loving and educated women I know, when it comes to helping people live their best lives. She has done so much for me and my personal growth.”

Kim Smith, West Palm Beach

“I have been to many different kinds of therapy and never felt like I really got to the heart of the important issues, even after several visits and hundreds of dollars. I recently began therapy with Joy Freeman and had only three sessions with her. Not only did we get to the real issues in a deeper way than I ever thought possible, but I learned life-long skills to continue my own therapy. I feel that for the first time, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see my life improving in real ways through the kind of creative voice and movement therapy that Joy uses. I highly recommend Joy as someone who can help you through the most difficult challenges that confront you. The most hurtful wounds that may be keeping you from experiencing life to its fullest are the ones you have the power to let go of. I didn’t realize this was possible until my sessions with Joy! “
—Eleanor Farjeon, Music Teacher/Flutist, Boulder, Colorado

“Dear wonderful, wonderful Joy,

Thank you so much for your amazing counseling,

For being still and yet dancing,

For being wise & yet open/listening,

For being generous & yet centered,

I learned so much from the time we shared

Your sessions have had a profound effect on my life

You Inspire me!


Ps  Your book is amazing, your work is profound – the right stuff in exactly the right moment!”

“Dear Joy,   I could not wait to see you to tell how powerful our session was for me yesterday. But even greater still is the joy and power and exhilaration I am feeling today. I have been singing my truth all day. Freely singing, joyously singing, crying, laughing, and especially having fun. I feel a joy that has been suppressed and it is coming out in the form of a wonderful unique song that is mine. I can’t stop singing. I can’t stop feeling what is happening inside of me. The happy me is coming forward.  For the first time since God knows when I am singing for the pure JOY of it. No self judgment is happening while I do it. Melodies, expression and a freedom of voice is coming through me.”

Kimberly DeHetre

“I was a little nervous going to Joy for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect. All the vocal

lessons & classes I attended in the past were your typical singing along with a teacher playing the

piano. I used to dread vocal warm-ups. Like many people, I fear singing in public because it’s such

a private form of expression for me. Within the first few minutes of singing with Joy, all my fear &

apprehension disappeared. Not only did I feel very free, but I experienced some creativity that I

never knew was in me. I must have sang for the entire day after the lesson. The next night, by

chance, some coworkers of mine encouraged me to sing at the restaurant I work at. Without

hesitation, I went straight to the mic & sang two songs. I didn’t experience any of the nervousness I

felt a week before when I sang. In fact, I feel more confident than ever — after only one session

with Joy. Vocal improv is definitely something I plan to continue. My hidden talent of singing may

not be hidden for much longer.”

Carolina Metzler

“Dear Joy,

This note is to let you know that, even though I have only been studying with you a short time, I have more progress musically and in life in general in these two months than in the last 5 years. I have tried to study music with about seven other teachers, none of whom lasted more that a month, not because they were not skilled musicians, but because as teachers they had nothing to offer that I could not find in a book.

In the end, what I need to learn right now musically and in life in general is spontaneity, to live and love in the uncertain moment. Musically I have made some small steps, but in my personal life I have made some large steps. I find myself saying things this week that I would have felt uncomfortable saying last week. Every day my public journal is becoming a closer representation of who I am, and my creative writing journals are filling up faster than ever before.  As I walk in the swath of life that is cut before me, what you have taught me has helped a great deal; and I know it will be invaluable as the day approaches when I will cut the path for the next person.             Thanks”

Clay Rhodes

“Dearest JOY!    Thank you so much for this work. On the way home I started crying – I think it was because my inner child was so happy to have been seen and heard without judgment, unpracticed and unprepared – aha authentic!  ….I am already drawing opportunities to speak my truth to me!….and would like to put myself in risk taking positions – like my acting improv class and speaking up on my feelings when ever possibe!!!”

Ann Kingsbury

“Experiencing work with Joy Freeman can unleash such deep emotions that I can get in touch with where my not so desirable habits have formed. Without judging myself I have found an answer to a more peaceful and rewarding life.  By unblocking myself  I have brought forth my creative voice and am achieving health and happiness.    After each session with Joy I find out something more about myself. I implore you to let Joy help you. She is helping me.”

Anna Sullivan

“I feel so blessed and privileged to have you as a Life Coach.  Your style of delivery and feedback is amazing. I look forward to more insightful sessions.”

Joyce D., executive admin

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