Free-Your-Spirit Soul Gift Life Coaching

Free-Your-Spirit Soul Gift Life Coaching

For Personal or Professional Success

Clarify what You or your organization wants and where you are going.
Move off self doubt, fear, disorganization, procrastination, disharmony or whatever
keeps you from moving forward.  Focus on fulfillment, values, balance, passion and purpose. Define strategies for achieving your mission.


  • Do you long to express yourself in the  world in a way that is unique to you yet
    “something” keeps holding you back?
  • Are you ready to begin something new but can’t seem to get started?
  • Is it difficult to focus your attention?
  • Are you torn between security and seeking fulfillment?
Joy’s unique yet powerful blend of tools and techniques, support you in facing and overcoming your resistances to moving forward.  In addition her 30 years of entrepreneurial business acumen can be accessed to support you with your
creative business ideas.   She then expertly guides you in finding and moving toward your heart’s desire.
Coaching assists you to find your Passion, Power, Clarity and Creativity
Passion is the fire, drive, and state of enthusiasm where you feel you must do the thing you are passionate about. Power is having the physical energy, confidence and strength of will to overcome the obstacles. Clarity is having the vision and focus.  Creativity is allowing for the open space of “not knowing” that is an integral part of every great and true act of soul creation.
Aligning the passion of the heart with the power of the will;  and the clarity of vision with the openness for change, will bring the fulfillment of your dreams.   Passion, power, clarity and creativity along with the balance between them create a state of fearlessness and heightened
ability to manifest.  Coaching can help you, discover your passion, clarify your vision, tap your creativity, and access your power to fulfill your purpose.
What is the difference Between Coaching and Counseling?
Therapeutic Life Counseling is about working with the past as it effects your present.   Coaching is about moving from the present to create a new future.   However when attempting to do that, many of the gremlins” of our past will jump in to sabotage our future.  Most counselors and coaches are trained to focus on one or the other.   Joy is uniquely qualified to work in both these areas.  Should you think you are ready to move forward, but those issues from the past come to block your way, Joy will be able to shift gears – from pure coaching, address those blockages and help you back on your way toward a life that is uniquely you.


  • Is your team unmotivated, at odds with each other, or performing below par?
  • Are your leaders anything but?
  • Are you unclear of where you are going or losing steam for your own vision?
  • Would you like to recharge the creative edge in yourself and your team
Be it in your personal life or with your business, let coaching help you discover what passion, balance and fulfillment are for you and how it can support you in achieving these!

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Coaching and Counseling is commonly done by telephone and/or Skype
$75 per hour