About Dr Joy

“My greatest passion in life is to help others get free!”

Joy L. Freeman

Joy Lynn Freeman, D.C., Ph.D. (cand.), has been a pioneer in the healing arts for over thirty years as a natural physician, speaker-facilitator, therapist, and life transition coach.  She has been a featured speaker, offered workshops and retreats nationwide and has been a frequent guest on radio shows.  Joy is the author of the Book Express Yourself: Discover Your Inner Truth, Creative Self and The Courage To Let It Out, two music CDs: Let It Shine and Soul Calling and a series of five yoga videos: Back-care-cise.  She was also the cofounder of Quantum Shift Retreats – incorporating expressive arts, ritual & nature.

Joy facilitates workshops and joyful participatory experiences with a warmth, zest and passion that spreads to all whom she contacts. She is also expert at helping people find their buried emotions and truths.  Her unique work and heartful presence assists others in finding the strength and courage to express their authentic and creative selves, open their voices to sing or speak their truths and ultimately follow their callings.

Dr Joys Unique Background

Joy Lynn Freeman D.C., Ph.D. (cand.),  knows the concept of “body/mind in the most thorough way – from both sides of the equation.    Prior to her entry into the field of psycho-emotional healing, Dr. Joy had been a practicing natural physician, as a holistic chiropractor.   After many years of in-depth immersion into the world of deeper causal factors of suffering – physically, emotionally and spiritually, Joy now specializes in somatic and expressive arts oriented psycho-emotional therapies.  Her post graduate work is focused on the Voice and Creative Expression as medium for Transformation.   She expresses her creative self as a singer, dancer, and drummer.

Joy Lynn Freeman is available for keynote presentations which are singing/speaking “info-tainment”. She also offers fun participatory experiences, and workshops for business, association meetings, or local groups. To find out about these go to www.SingDanceDrum.com

Dr. Joy says:

“The time has come for people and especially women to claim their authority, express who they are without censure, and give their unique gifts to the world, says Dr. Joy L. Freeman.  “I have personally taken myself on the journey from; self judgment, depression, fear of being fully seen, and fitting into societies mold of what I should do and be, to trusting myself to take risks, willingness to be seen and heard, and being comfortable expressing passionate aliveness.  It is my mission to support others in finding their strength, passion and creativity.”

“Like many I had devoted most of my time to all the things I thought I “should” be doing (i.e., childcare duties, household duties, the right career). I took care of everyone and everything except myself—I was a do-aholic. Eventually I lost who I was, felt drained, depressed and tired all the time, and lost my passion for life.  I described myself as colorless.

After years of research, study and application of the process of change I have organized and condensed a wide and varied field into its most essential components. After putting it all into practice in my own life, I now experience passion, creativity and vitality, beyond what I would have imagined possible.

Having used these tools, concepts and processes, both in workshops and one on one, they have proven to be powerfully effective for others as well.  My intention with the private work, workshops, books and CD’s, along with other aspects of my work, is to share this in-depth soul finding process in order to help others end the cycle of losing themselves, then gain the courage to express their truths and make the make the changes necessary to lead passionate, expressive and fulfilling lives.”


Mission Statement for individuals

To assist others in finding balance in an out of balance world
to open them up to their creative mind and their own soul;
to teach them how to release self judgment and learn
to love and accept all aspects of themselves;
to be able to access and express their
truth, creativity, and authenticity


Mission Statement for Groups

To blend the life affirming, balancing,and health promoting secrets of natural cultures,
that have survived the ages, with our linier, overly left brain modern life style.
To do this by offering  opportunities to experience the joy of community
singing, dancing, drumming or other creatively expressive activities,
to those who would not normally have access to such forms of co-creative play.

Check out www.SingDanceDrum.com to learn about Dr. Joys Creatively Expressive Programs, Workshops, Books, CDs and Articles.