Private Work with Dr. Joy

Releasing the past – Clarity in the present – Empowering the future

If you are:

  • Feeling confused, frozen or depressed

  • Dealing with difficult emotions that won’t let go

  • Challenged by Relationship issues

  • In Life transition or wanting to make a major shift

  • Experiencing one of the four D,s: Death, Divorce, Disease, Dissolution

    ( of job, career etc) or any other form of Soul Initiation

  • Ready to bring forth your Soul Expression

Then consider:

Coaching and Transformational Life Counseling

Do you know the difference between Coaching and Counseling?   Transformational Life Counseling is about working with the past as it effects your present.   Coaching is about moving from the present to create a new future.   However when attempting to do that, many of the “gremlins” of our past will jump in to sabotage our future.  Most counselors and coaches are trained to focus on one or the other.   Joy is uniquely qualified to work in both these areas.  Should you think you are ready to move forward but those issues from the past come to block your way, Joy will be able to shift gears – from pure coaching, address those blockages and help you back on your way toward a life that is uniquely you.
Click on the links below to find out more about each unique and effective approach.

Transformational Life Counseling

This process (TLC) is an integration of  psycho-spiritual and expressive arts disciplines that release blocked energies from the past, to shift the present and empower the future. It could  involve: going back in time to retrieve and revitalize lost or frozen aspects of  yourself; accessing and shifting core beliefs that no longer serve; releasing the emotional glue that holds fears in place; reworking internal contracts; releasing  extraneous energies that may be running your show; balancing the power of an  internalized negative voice, or fully accepting previously disowned or unaccepted  aspects of yourself. This creates a ground of trust and strength that gives you the courage to take the risks necessary to make important life changes, speak your truth, express your creative self, or follow your callings. All of which lead to more health, vitality, and a joy of life.

Free-Your-Spirit Soul Gift Life Coaching

When you feel you have the courage to move forward into new realms and have addressed issues from the past that might be holding you back, then it is time for Coaching.  This process involves accessing core values to assist you in choosing what brings joy to your heart and what you want to move towards.  Once you know this, FYS Coaching then supports you in clearing away remaining clouds of fear, confusion, procrastination, overwhelm, or “I don’t know how.”  The process then moves into your being held accountable for co-created steps and plans until you see the fruition of your dreams.
FYS Consulting is also available to assist businesses in being more effective, with more creativity and co-operation among workers.  .

Testimonials What others say about working with Joy  (see link on main menue)

Recent testimonial of Joy’s Private Work:
I have been to many different kinds of therapy and never felt like I really got to the heart of the important issues, even after several visits and hundreds of dollars. I recently began therapy with Joy Freeman and had only three sessions with her. Not only did we get to the real issues in a deeper way than I ever thought possible, but I learned life-long skills to continue my own therapy. I feel that for the first time, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see my life improving in real ways through the kind of creative voice and movement therapy that Joy uses. I highly recommend Joy as someone who can help you through the most difficult challenges that confront you. The most hurtful wounds that may be keeping you from experiencing life to its fullest are the ones you have the power to let go of. I didn’t realize this was possible until my sessions with Joy!
—Eleanor Farjeon, Music Teacher/Flutist, Boulder, Colorado

Dr. Joy is based in Lake Worth, in Palm Beach County, Fl area.  If you live out of the area she is available to work with you by telephone or Skype  Or, you can be set up with a beautiful vacation retreat near the water in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida.

Transformational Life Counseling and Coaching $75 per Hour
Sliding scale is available in some cases.



To schedule a free session 20 minute to find out if you are right for this
unique and powerful work:

Joy (at) expressyoursoul (dot) com or call 727-242-1311