Transformational Life Counseling

Transformational Life Counseling (TLC)


Core modalities  =   Internal Family Systems, Expressive Arts and Physio-emotional clearing work

1) Internal Family Systems

This powerful yet simple process involves being able to more fully hear and accept previously out casted “parts” of ourselves as well as balance out more dominating aspects.  It creates a harmony and enhanced understanding among conflicted internal parts that ultimately leads to a greater reliance on the more centered and balanced “Self”.

The ultimate goal is the clients own “self leadership”.  This way of working comes from the standpoint that everyone at core is healthy, whole and balanced.  With this process a client can become self sufficient, that is, no longer needing the support of an outside support person in a relatively short period of time.    Click here for more on this work

2) Expressive Arts and Physio-emotional clearing work

Sometimes a deep non-linear process of clearing the past or working with unresolved issues in the present is necessary before a person is ready to move forward with their life goals.  Expressive Arts and Physio-Emotional clearing work incorporates many different modalities that encourage the discovery of one’s deeper truth and it’s expression.  Through non-linear processes such as using the voice, art, or movement, our emotions, memories and awareness’s can be readily accessed which would otherwise be diverted by our mental defense systems. In addition, the body holds all the clues and messages about what is inside and with the help of someone versed in body oriented clearing process’s, these deeper truths can be brought to the surface to be expressed.  By expressing in both verbal and creative ways, the soul’s essence is revealed and the individual is left empowered to make life-enhancing choices.



Transformational Life Counseling is great for:

Physical or Emotional Trauma

Repeating Life Patterns

Consistent Rage, Grief or Shame


Chronic conditions of the body

Releasing addictive life habits

Creative Blocks

Inner Child Recovery

Life Transitions

Inhibition of Full Expression


Physio-emotional clearing work can include :


Somatic body centered therapies

Voice work

Voice Dialog/ Internal Family Systems

Emotional Release

Expressive Arts
What is expressive Arts Therapy? – Click here for more on this work


Self Love Actualization
Compassionate (Non Violent) Communication
Sessions will vary depending on the person and their unique set of needs, and
can shift between Coaching and Transformational Life Counseling

For an informative article related to an aspect of this work go to:
Voice and Movement as a Healing Force

Transformational Life Counseling and Coaching $75 Hr
Sliding Scale may be available


To schedule a free 20 minute Phone session to see if you are right for this work:

Email: Joy (at) expressyoursoul (dot) comor call 727-242-1311

Coaching and Counseling is commonly done by telephone and/or Skype
Voice work is done in person.  I am currently in the Dan Diego area
It is possible to create private retreats with multiple sessions and fun or restful activities