Reclaim your Voice, Creativity and Connection to Soul

Joy Lynn Freeman D.C., Ph.D.C

Dr. Joy’s background in psycho-spiritual therapies as well as being a natural physician, make her uniquely qualified
to help you with issues of the Body, Mind and Heart

Transformational Life Counseling

Shifting the psycho-emotional core
of your physical or life issue

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Do you currently:

Feel confused about your options?
Feel stuck between difficult life situations?
Suffer from deep challenges in your relationships?
Experience Blocks in your Personal or
Creative Expression

Do you long to:

Break out of the box?
Experience clarity of direction?
Free up from inhibition of Expression?
Take risks you have been afraid to take?
Finally give your best soul gifts to the world?

Dr. Joy can help those of you who feel stuck, unhappy, confused between options or just generally uninspired, to free up, have clarity, and do or be whatever makes your heart sing.

Dr. Joy can help you free yourself to be the You, you always knew you could be.

With deep listening and powerful skills via convenient telephone consultations, Dr. Joy Lynn Freeman can help you unwind difficult life challenges and find clarity amidst confusion, then move towards meaningful life transitions.
She has a gentle and compassionate way of being and listening, which creates a feeling of safety that fosters deeper truths to emerge. She might also involve balancing dialogs with conflicting voices within oneself as well as sound, movement or other creative processes. She artfully blends leading edge modalities in the field of psycho-emotional and spiritual healing, with a grounded knowledge of the physical and emotional workings of the body. In addition she has a gift in working with teens and young adults.
Dr. Joy has been assisting others to be healthier and happier for over 30 years. She has developed powerful methods to help you move beyond inner limitations, previous programming, or challenging life experiences to be able to step out of the box – into a life of color, aliveness, joy and health.

Learn more about Dr. Joys different versions of Private Counseling:
Therapeutic Life Counseling and Soul Gift Life Coaching

Joy offers a complimentary first consultation to see if you are the right person for her unique forms of work, and if it feels good to you.  She  can work in person (Lake Worth, Fl  – West Palm Beach area or North County San Diego) or by phone or Skype.
Call  727-242-1311

Testimonial of Joy’s Private Work:

I have been to many different kinds of therapy and never felt like I really got to the heart of the important issues, even after several visits and hundreds of dollars. I recently began therapy with Joy Freeman and had only three sessions with her. Not only did we get to the real issues in a deeper way than I ever thought possible, but I learned life-long skills to continue my own therapy. I feel that for the first time, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I see my life improving in real ways through the kind of creative voice and movement therapy that Joy uses. I highly recommend Joy as someone who can help you through the most difficult challenges that confront you. The most hurtful wounds that may be keeping you from experiencing life to its fullest are the ones you have the power to let go of. I didn’t realize this was possible until my sessions with Joy!
—Eleanor Farjeon, Music Teacher/Flutist, Boulder, Colorado

Express Your Soul’s Voice Engages a Path to Expressing Your Soul’s Essence

The time has come for us to reclaim the essence of who we truly are – to take a step back from the high pace of the times and connect more deeply with ‘self’, spirit, and others. Learning to connect with your deeper nature, knowing it’s truth and being able to express it, moves you closer to your authentic self and living a life of soul—where life expresses who you are, including giving your natural gifts to the world. Living more authentically and creatively allows improved physical health, better relationships, right livelihood and more joy.
Dr. Joy’s private work, programs and writings will re-awaken dormant aspects within you, charge your spirit and give you the courage and health to better create the life you would love. Learn to experience your passion, voice your truth, and discover a whole new level of vitality, creativity and freedom.

You too can Sing, Dance, or Do Whatever Makes your Heart Sing
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Discover your Inner Truth, Creative Self
and the Courage to Let It Out

Contact: Joy@expressyoursoul.com or 727-242-1311

To be notified when Dr. Joy will be offering workshops
or creatively expressive events in your area please write to her at the address above.

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